For owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about the community, opportunities, and programs relevant to operating a business at 100 Seneca at Cornplanter Square in downtown Oil City, the Venango County Economic Development Authority has provided the following directory of resources.

For further questions please contact Emily Lewis, at or (814) 432-9681

Venango County Economic Development Authority

The mission of the Venango Economic Development Authority is to foster a diverse county economy and quality of life through strengthening the regional infrastructure, workforce, recreational and cultural amenities to create a compelling climate for the growth of new and existing businesses.


Realtors Serving Venango County

Anyone thinking of expanding or opening businesses or relocating to Venango County will find real estate prices that are a fraction of what one would pay in metropolitan areas; and the County also comes with a high quality of life for employers and employees, alike. Compiled below is a list of links to real estate agencies serving properties in Venango County.


City of Oil City Official Site

The City of Oil City site offers a full range of information on municipal initiatives, services, and amenities for city residents and businesses.


Oil City Main Street Program

The Mission of the Oil City Main Street Program is to make Oil City’s downtown business district aesthetically pleasing and economically viable, providing a foundation for the healthy growth and success of current and future businesses for the benefit of current and future residents. Our downtown will become a regional destination for visitors to enjoy the arts, recreation and entertainment by leveraging our rich heritage and natural resources. You can obtain a copy of their Downtown Business Resources Guide here.


The Oil Region Alliance

The mission of the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism is to manage the Oil Region National Heritage Area and to increase the prosperity of the Oil Region by enticing people to live, work, learn and play in “the Valley that Changed the World” through the preservation, promotion, development, and support of historical, educational, natural, recreational, residential, commercial and industrial destinations.


The Clarion University Small Business Development Center

The Clarion University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides consulting and training designed to teach prospective and new entrepreneurs the basics of starting and successfully operating their own businesses.


100 Seneca & Oil City Business Opportunities Downloadable PDF

This downloadable PDF contains all the key details of the opportunity. Feel free to download and share with members of the community and interested parties.